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who we are

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating dependably elite products for deer attraction, retention, nutrition, and harvest. We provide hunters with high quality solutions that lead to measurable results, in season and out. Whether it’s drawing in new deer, improving herd health, enhancing antler growth, or ultimately achieving success in the field, we aim for our products to be your trusted source in deer management.


Our vision

We create products that help hunters find more success in the field. You dedicate substantial time and resources to problems related to improving the health of your deer herd. When you opt for a GRIP FEED product, you can be confident that you’re now using a solution designed to support you in every facet of that endeavor.

Just like you, our passion is hunting. Many of our fondest memories have been made in the deer woods. Fueled by our love for the sport and its rich cultural heritage, we believe that the values and disciplines instilled through hunting are invaluable in today's world.


At Grip Feed, we understand that hunting is about more than just the kill. At its core, hunting is about the camaraderie shared with fellow hunters, the unforgettable moments forged, and the journey's highs and lows. Finding a common passion with your buddies, strategizing over a campfire, and rising before the sun in anticipation for that singular moment when everything aligns and he steps out— that's the heart of it all. We are blessed to be able contribute to these cherished memories and we eagerly anticipate hearing about the triumphs that lie ahead for you in the years to come.


Our values

The Customer’s Success is Our Success

Our dedication extends beyond mere transactions; we thrive when our customers thrive. We take great pride in hunters experiencing success with help from Grip products. Choosing to be transparent helps us build strong relationships with our customers, ensuring clarity and honesty in every aspect of our business.


Superior Feed is the Standard

We uphold an unwavering commitment to excellence, setting a benchmark for quality that surpasses expectations and ensures superior performance in the field.


The Hunting Community is Vital

We recognize the importance of community and collaboration within the hunting world, fostering connections and camaraderie among hunters to preserve and promote our shared passion.


It is Grip vs Grip

We challenge ourselves today against the standards we set yesterday. Personal growth emerges from internal battles, as we push beyond our limits to evolve into better individuals and a stronger company. We are committed to both short-term success and long-term sustainability.


Every Bag is Significant

Every bag of deer feed we make is not just a product, but a tool that could lead to a memorable hunting experience for our customers. If we cut corners our customers are the ones who ultimately lose.


We Make Feed for Deer, but We Provide Solutions for Hunters

While our focus is on deer nutrition, our ultimate commitment lies in solving problems for hunters who depend on our products.


We Strive to Gather and Distribute New Information

Equipping our customers with the information they need fosters responsible stewardship of wildlife resources and enhances their overall hunting experience.

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